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A precise procedure that removes a portion of the tooth’s infected pulp.

Retrograde Fillings

These fillings are placed at the tooth root, creating a seal and revising prior root canal attempts.


Root Canal Retreatments

When a root canal procedure fails, Dr. Shinn can perform a retreatment, with surgical precision. Prior root canals fail because the doctors performing them don’t have the tools and knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat underlying issues.


When a tooth that has multiple roots, and one of them is infected, it puts the other roots and the tooth at risk. For this condition, we prescribe a hemisection.

Incision and Drainage

Incision and drainage are techniques used to help fight deep infection. The area of infection is carefully incised to enable any pus to drain and to allow the area to be carefully cleansed with a sterile saline solution.


A procedure that promotes the growth of an underdeveloped tooth root. Tooth roots that aren’t completely formed are prone to infection.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are a procedure that removes infected tissues including blood vessels, nerves, enamel, pulp, and dentin. Root canals are the most effective way an infected tooth can be treated.

Root Amputations

A root amputation is usually intended to treat a tooth that has multiple roots. When one of the many roots becomes decayed and infected, a root amputation prevents infection from spreading to the tooth.


What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating the pulp of the tooth. Unlike regular dentists, endodontist’s understanding of the dental pulp makes them experts at performing root canals. Endodontists are sometimes referred to as root canal specialists. As an affiliate of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Shinn is highly qualified to be your endodontist. He has even passed the central regional board examination in 10 states. He is more than a root canal specialist, he’s an expert. You can read more about Dr. Shinn’s qualifications in his biography.

What makes our office great?

Our approach to endodontics and dental care. Patients who come to us need a specialist that they can rely on. Dr. Shinn has over 40 years of experience successfully treating a wide range of endodontic cases. What really sets Dr. Shinn apart from other dental professionals is the empathy he exudes when he meets with his patients. He is always kind, patient and professional.

He explains exactly what the diagnosis is and what his treatment will entail. Other dentists may urge you to extract your tooth and replace it with an implant. Dr. Shinn strongly believes that it is in your best interest to keep your natural teeth over receiving implanted ones. In all cases, he will give his objective opinion about the pros and cons of tooth extraction and tooth retention relative to your condition.

Our Patients love Us

  • Shannon J.
    When I was told that I would need a root canal, needless to say I was not happy. I had heard so many nightmarish stories in the past from people who have had them done and I did not want to take part in the nightmare. At all. However, upon arriving at the office, the Office Manager Barbara sensed my trepidation and immediately put me at ease and ensured me that I would have a positive experience. Next, Dr. Shinn's Assistant Brenda offered me soothing words and ensured me that I was in good hands. Then, enter Dr. Shinn. He was so nice and knowledgeable and took his time asking me questions and being very thorough in his explanations. My root canal was an absolute success, pain-free, and no problems or adverse effects whatsoever. I would absolutely recommend anyone needing this procedure done to go to Dr. Shinn!!
    Shannon J.
  • Verna R.

    My experience was wonderful! Nothing negative happened from beginning to end. I had a root canal done and everything worked out well. I called the day before needing a root canal and Dr. Shinn and his staff came in 2 hours early the very next day to accommodate me - which was very nice of them. The office is vey nice and tranquil with easy listening music playing. My overall experience was excellent!!!

    Verna R.
  • Ozzie G.

    Dr. Shinn is the best Endontist in the Los Angeles area. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dental office with a great staff and the best view of L.A as you relax in the comfort of brand new everything. Awesome dental work with a staff that makes you feel like family. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Ozzie G.

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