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Refuting the Most Common Myths about Root Canals

There are seems to be many misinterpretations about root canal treatment. We aim to provide you with the most accurate information towards this topic. You should be able to get all the information about the procedure and other treatment options. This article aims to help get to the bottom of common myths about root canals that frequently confuse patients who seek endodontic help.



#1 Myth – Root Canals are Very Painful


False! – Root canal treatment relieves the pain but doesn’t cause it.


Most patients do not come in for treatment until they are already experiencing extreme pain. When a tooth experiences decay that affects the pulp of the tooth, they can experience pain, as the pulp contains nerves. This can also occur when the tooth experiences trauma, which can cause damage to the root. At this point, you will need to discuss with your doctor your options.


If your doctor suggests a root canal, fret not! With all the modern, state of the art technology, a root canal is no more uncomfortable than getting a simple filling. Recent studies show, that patients who already had root canal treatment describe it as “painless” six times more than someone who hasn’t had such procedure before. During root canal treatment, the damaged tissues are being removed and by that, the previous pain is relieved.


You will have sedation options available to you for this procedure as well as a local anesthetic to relieve any pain.


It is a common belief that this dental treatment also can take many appointments, but most root canals take 1-2 appointments. The key is to go to the dentist as soon as you experience any trauma or pain to prevent any infection from spreading.


#2 Myth – Root Canals Causes Illnesses


False!: Removing the infected pulp of a tooth during a root canal PREVENTS the spread of infection.


Many patients end to surf the internet looking for more information about endodontic root canal treatment before coming to a dentist. What happens is that they end up finding false information about the treatment promoting other diseases and illnesses in the body. Nearly century ago, Dr. Price conducted poorly designed research that stated it was safer to extract a tooth rather than get a root canal to avoid focal infection. He believed that if focal infection occurred, it could cause widespread infection throughout the body causing many different kinds of illnesses. His findings have been refuted many times in following modern science. When in doubt, don’t believe everything you read on the internet, always consult your doctor!


True information: there is no scientific evidence that teeth after root canal treatment may cause any diseases in other parts of the body. Endodontic treatment is very effective and safe procedure. The root canal treatment is totally designed to remove all the bacteria from an infected root canal and prevent reinfection in order to save the natural tooth in place.


  • Tooth extraction has a higher possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream than root canal treatment.
  • The natural tooth should be saved every time when it’s possible. There is no equal replacement for the natural tooth. Considering the cost of the treatment, it is less expensive than getting the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant. All in all, endodontic treatment in most cases allows the patient to save his natural tooth for a lifetime.



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If you have more questions about common myths about root canals, feel free to schedule your appointment with Dr. George B. Shinn at Endo LA. Call us: (310) 649-3636. Our professional staff is ready to take care of all your dental health needs today!


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