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October 20, 2017
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Not Your Mama’s Toothbrush: 12 Crazy Toothbrushes & Apps for the Best Dental Health

Forget the days of old, when you bought your toothbrushes in a 5 pack at the drugstore, nestled in between socks and shower caddies.


Move over, boring toothbrush whose only job was to merely clean our pearly whites.


There are some new kids in town.  


Speaking of which; have you ever struggled with getting your kids to brush their teeth twice a day?  Your morning and evening teeth cleaning ritual doesn’t have to include fuss anymore with these kid-friendly apps that you can download on your phone or tablet that encourage kids to not only brush their teeth but get excited about it!


Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B: This interactive app works congruently with Disney Oral-B stages products to create an interactive dental health experience for the kiddos!  You can scan your product such as Disney character toothbrushes. It will create a brushing profile, set a 2-minute timer, track your progress, and award milestone badges on your brushing calendar. This Disney app is available for Google Play and Apple Store.  


Brush DJ: This app sets a two-minute timer while playing fun tunes for the kids the enjoy!  You can set reminders to floss, brush twice a day, mouth rinse, and even your next dentists visit.  The website is very fun and interactive and includes videos the kids can watch on proper brushing and flossing techniques as well as their music archive, that you can customize.  


Toothsavers:  This app not only helps your child brush for the full two minutes but is a game that your kids can get involved in.  If they brush for the full two minutes, they can help dispel the evil sorceress that is trying to make everyone’s teeth rot! It includes 10 different characters, an interactive map, fun colorful animations, and the ability to post on facebook after winning achievements.  




Who says just the kids get to have fun?  Here are some dental apps for adults:


  1. Dental Expert: This app is an exhaustive guide to all you ever needed to know about your dental health. It covers topics such as how to improve your smile, how to keep dental costs down, understanding oral cancer, gum disease, the importance of a proper diet, and much more.  
  2. Oral-B Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush:  So this one is a toothbrush, app duo that functions with Bluetooth.  This toothbrush, smart app team up to provide real-time feedback on your dental health.  It tracks your progress, motivates you reminders and rewards, has a pressure sensor alert, and unique personal settings.  


These days we have subscriptions for everything that deliver right to our doorsteps such as Netflix, groceries, and beauty boxes.  So why not dental care? Here are some toothbrush subscriptions you can join that deliver replacements right to your door so you always have fresh teeth!


  1. The Goodwell Company: This company offers a manual toothbrush subscription that delivers replacement heads every two months in various colors you can choose from. It boasts of premium materials such as recycled aluminum and biodegradable attachments. It uses black Binchotan fibers for the bristles that give it a sleek look.
  2. Quip: Quip offers an electric toothbrush subscription with replacement heads delivered every three months. The toothbrush has two-minute timers with 30-second intervals built in and a wall mount that can also be used as a travel cover.


Maybe you are thinking “If you’ve seen one toothbrush, you’ve seen them all.” But I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like these one of a kind toothbrushes.  Get ready to get your socks knocked off.  


  1. Nano-b Charcoal and Gold Toothbrush: This unique toothbrush has bristles that are permeated with ACTUAL gold particles and bamboo charcoal which advertises as able to protect from bacteria and keeps your teeth whiter. Not to mention a sensational diamond-like design that comes in different colors.
  2. GO! OHSO Travel Toothbrush: What makes this travel toothbrush stand out from the rest is that you can screw a small toothpaste right into the end of it that can push the brush through the bristles.  Not to mention a sleek design with a cover to keep it bacteria free.
  3. Ghostly Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush: This sleek all-black toothbrush sports activated Japanese Binchotan charcoal in the bristles which deodorize, prevent bacteria and whiten your teeth.


Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes


  1. Humble Co. Toothbrush:  This toothbrush is made out of 100% biodegradable bamboo and the bristles are degradable Nylon 6 and BPA free. The bamboo and colorful bristle design makes it a fun accessory for any bathroom. 

  1. The Miswak Toothbrush:  So this toothbrush is a little off the beaten path.  But if you are a non-conformer…..this is for you! This “toothbrush” is designed after the original toothbrush, which was a stick!  The Miswak is extracted from the Arak tree and studies say it can whiten teeth, prevent bacteria, plaque reduction and even help with nicotine addiction!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your dentist at Dr. George B. Shinn Jr. DDS at (310) 649-3636.


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