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George B. Shinn Jr., DDS, Los Angeles, CA

Appointments: (424) 331-1351 | General Inquiries: (310) 649-3636

George B. Shinn Jr.
DDS, Los Angeles, CA

Appointments: (424) 331-1351
General Inquiries: (310) 649-3636


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Shannon J.


Submitted 01/13/17

"When I was told that I would need a root canal, needless to say I was not happy. I had heard so many nightmarish stories in the past from people who have had them done and I did not want to take part in the nightmare. At all. However, upon arriving at the office, the Office Manager Barbara sensed my trepidation and immediately put me at ease and ensured me that I would have a positive experience. Next, Dr. Shinn's Assistant Brenda offered me soothing words and ensured me that I was in good hands. Then, enter Dr. Shinn. He was so nice and knowledgeable and took his time asking me questions and being very thorough in his explanations. My root canal was an absolute success, pain-free, and no problems or adverse effects whatsoever. I would absolutely recommend anyone needing this procedure done to go to Dr. Shinn!!"

Aaron P.


Submitted 10/04/16

"Like most people, going to the dentist is rated up there with paying taxes and dying... it just something you dread to do, but is necessary. This was my first visit to Dr. Shinn's office and to say I was impressed is a gross understatement. First off, I rarely write reviews but I do admit liking to read them when making a decision, so I'm making the effort in this case gladly. I was warmly greeted by the receptionist, Barbara who gave me the prerequisite paperwork to fill out. The office is extremely modern and comfortable and the views from the patient's chair are awesome and relaxing. All that was nice, but what really made this office visit exemplary was the skill and manner of Dr. Shinn. His technique for me was simply superb! From NOT feeling the injections or drilling to his thorough explanation of the procedure and visually showing what was needed to be done the experience was unbelievable! It's rare to receive first class service and a beautiful environment and still have it exceed your wildest expectations! It's only been two hours since my visit and I'm still showering accolades on the experience. Pain-free dentistry is an oxymoron according to my past experiences, so getting a pain-free root canal is just a dream come true. To be fair... I reserve the right to amend this review after a few days. LOL Dr. Shinn and his assistant Brenda helped me and I just wanted to say I actually ENJOYED the experience. Hope I don't have to go back, but if I do that is where I'm going! Be sure that everyone I know will know too. It was just too good, to not share... hence this review. Thank you Dr. Shinn and staff... keep up the GREAT work!"

Verna R.


Submitted 09/15/16

"My experience was wonderful! Nothing negative happened from beginning to end. I had a root canal done and everything worked out well. I called the day before needing a root canal and Dr. Shinn and his staff came in 2 hours early the very next day to accommodate me - which was very nice of them. The office is vey nice and tranquil with easy listening music playing. My overall experience was excellent!!!"

Ozzie G.


Submitted 07/28/16

"Dr. Shinn is the best Endontist in the Los Angeles area. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dental office with a great staff and the best view of L.A as you relax in the comfort of brand new everything. Awesome dental work with a staff that makes you feel like family. It doesn't get any better than this."

Rhonda L.


Submitted 07/07/16

"Dental procedures can be a nightmare...especially endodontic procedures. But this was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had in a dentist office. The atmosphere was exquisite and soothing. The dental staff, Barbara and Brenda were absolute sweetie pies. Dr. Shinn was gentle and explained every thing that was being done step by step. I highly recommend this dental group to anyone needing endodontic work with great care."

Britt E.


Submitted 06/26/16

"hejsan,,Dr. Shinn...who save my life for real..I was sent to him for rootcanal,,,with pain that did not want to leave,,so I met Dr Shinn at his old office,,Wilshire blvd,,LA,,I must have looked as a goast,,,so so afraid of anything to do with dental,,he gave me a smile so fantastic,,he probably laught at me,,,I was asked to sit in the most dreadful chair,,Dr Shinn exsamend my teeth,,but he was talking to my teeth,,aha,,hmmm,,wow,,ooh really,,,x-rays,,3 rootcanals needed,,great,,now I knew,,I was going to faint..because of injections,,,all I saw was the dr,,with a big needle in his hand,,I really thought he had lost it,,,because my mouth is not that big,,he started to inject,,,I must have moved to much,,next thing I hear,,was Hold Your Horses Now,,I am thinking,,I am going to hold something,,poor dr Shinn,,anyway,,he has done so much work for me,,and I will promise,,I will not see another dr,,dental than him,,the best of the best,,there is no words strong enough,,his work is so fantastic,,and I can prove my words,,sorry if my words are not together,,I am Swedish,,so please understand,,and Dr Shinn is the man,,,,Britt Edtrom"

Kathy S.


Submitted 06/06/16

"What can I say, When my Dr told me I needed a root canal and needed to see a specialist. First thing that came to my head was pull out the tooth. Once I was referred to Shinn, He took care of my root canal. The procedure went very well. The office was impressive, the staff was awesome, and Dr was great. Thank you Dr. Shinn I know who to go to for my next root canal.."

Sara R.


Submitted 05/31/16

"Dr Shinn and his staff are so amazing. I was in such pain when I went in, Dr assured things were going to be ok. explain everything in detail to me. I would say this was the best root canal experience I ever had. Thank You Dr. Shinn"

Jason B.


Submitted 04/13/16

"Dr. Shinn and his staff are so friendly and I love his new office. Thanks again Doc!"